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    RTO Catalytic Burner

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    RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer): 

    The waste air discharged from the process which includes VOCs will enter into the double-groove RTO. The Poppet Valve will induce the waste air into the RTO’s Energy Recovery Chamber and preheat the waste air. The polluted waste air will be heated by the regenerative ceramic gradually and enter into the Combustion Chamber, where the VOCs will be oxidized and release heat to the 2nd Energy Recovery Chamber’s regenerative ceramic, used for reducing the consumption of the auxiliary fuel. The clean air from the heated, burnt and oxidized regenerative ceramic will reduce the temperature gradually, therefore, outlet temperature is slightly higher than the RTO inlet temperature. The Poppet Valve can be switched to change RTO’s inlet /outlet temperature. If the VOCs concentration is high enough and the released heat energy is enough, RTO doesn’t need fuel. For example, RTO heat recovery efficiency is 95%, RTO outlet temperature is only relatively 25 ℃higher than the inlet temperature.